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Jim Bungener

alinghi Jim Bungener graduated from Duke University with a double major in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering in 1999. He proceeded to Princeton to do a Master's in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). While finishing his thesis Jim was contacted by Team Alinghi to become their in house CFD expert. This meant designing and being in charge of all the computer simulations of fluid flows around hulls, sails, appendages, and other racing apparatus. Team Alinghi is a company whose goal is to design, build, and race world class sailboats in the America's cup. The constraints and demands on the design of a 28 meter, world class boat are enormous.

After winning the America's cup in March 2004 in Auckland, New Zealand Jim prepared for the next America's cup in June 2007 --- Team Alinghi won again and Jim has at least a few days to rest!

Within the team Jim is a member of the design team doing not only all the CFD work but also the wind tunnel testing and fluids related on-water experimental works. He uses commercially available software, but mostly codes the team's own applications and algorithms. The programming and computer skills he acquired at Duke have proven absolutely crucial. Without a thorough understanding of tools and their limitations he would be much less efficient as a leader of the design team. At Duke University Jim initially wanted to only major in Mechanical Engineering, but choosing to major in Computer Science was ``one of the best decisions [he ever] made.'' jim