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Robin Valenza

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Robin Valenza, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of English at the University of Chicago. Prof. Valenza graduated summa cum laude from Duke with majors in English and Computer Science, with distinction in English; received an M.Phil from Cambridge University in 1998 in Computer Speech and Language; and the Ph.D. in English from Stanford in 2003.

Her research draws on her interdisciplinary background in science and literature in order to examine the relationship between the sciences and the humanities in the modern world. Her first book project, Literature and the Disciplines, traces the emergence of the modern academic disciplines in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, focusing in particular on how scholarly research is shared with a popular audience. She has published work on algorithms for automatic summarization of audio documents, the laboratory as a model for the classroom, narrative theory, academic writing, and on the difference between scientific and humanistic knowledge. Robin is currently working on two book-length studies, one on the changing role of description in Anglo-American discourse since the Enlightenment, the other on the evolution of modern university disciplines.