Fingerprints as a Firstyear Computer Science Anchor

I started development of the material based on fingerprints in late May of 2008. My plan is to have problems at many levels, study material, readings and a detailed description ready to go by August for use in first year courses this year. In July I hope to move this to RSS.

I gave a high-level talk at the AP Computer Science reading on June 9, 2008. The powerpoint slides are available as is printouts of the slides in 4up/pdf. In the talk I used two APT/Algorithmic Problems Tested that are accessible.

New Materials will be added as developed.

Fingerprint musicbrainz music ip sha 2 hash iTunes

What different kinds of fingerprints can we use in a first year?

  • Fingerprints as fingerprints, biometrics

  • Cryptographic hashes as fingerprints

  • Identifying music by acoustic fingerprints

  • User Generated Content